Trying Out Retirement For Size
Posted by admin | Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Are you one of the many people that dream about the time when you can retire and be done with the 9-5, day in and day out, drudgery of working for someone else? If so, we want to have some input into those dreams and tempt you just a little bit. Why not try out retirement for size years before its arrival. Come spend a week, a month, or a winter in one of our Pawleys Island vacation rentals and see for yourself what it would be like to live here full time. We think you’ll like the fit.

Nestled along the coastline of South Carolina is where you’ll find our picturesque town of Pawleys Island. As awesome a place as it is to visit for a vacation, it’s an even better place to live. When you’re looking for a place to retire to keep in mind that South Carolina’s tax-friendly laws for retirees include no tax on Social Security benefits, deductions on retirement income and no inheritance or estate taxes.

When you’re trying out retirement for size and considering the coastal region of South Carolina keep in mind that at Litchfield Real Estate we have a large assortment of real estate that we’d be happy to show you. The available properties encompass an assortment of beach homes, villas, condos and townhomes in a broad range of sizes and prices. You could spend your retirement living here in small villas suitable for two or large estates big enough to accommodate plenty of visiting friends. Whether you want to live oceanfront or on the fairway of one of the golf courses set upon the historic rice plantations in the area, there are plenty of properties that will suit you just perfectly. The area provides miles of pristine, white sandy beaches on Pawleys Island and north through Myrtle Beach. Retiring here you could enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and beautiful areas to explore year round on a daily basis. We look forward to your arrival.

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