Rental Pool Policy

We want you and your family to have fun and be safe when you rent a home with a pool. Please read our Pool Vacation Rental Policy below. Guests understand they use any pool AT YOUR OWN RISK. Pets are NOT permitted in pools at any time. Young children must wear swim diapers at all times in pool.

  • Private pools are serviced on turnover days and again mid-week. An additional fee is charged to the Guest for heating or cooling. Contact Litchfield Real Estate for more information about heating and cooling options and to place your order. ORDERS SHOULD BE MADE AT LEAST 7 DAYS IN ADVANCE to allow ample time for scheduling a technician and for pool water to come to temperature.
  • Guests are prohibited from tampering with pool chemicals or equipment, including adjusting the temperature. If you feel the temperature is not set adequately or have concerns about other pool functions, call our office and we will send a professional technician. If it is found that a Guest has tampered with chemicals or equipment or that a technician has been erroneously called out, the Guest will be responsible for any expenses incurred.
  • During times of extremely low temperatures or high wind, pools may not heat to what a Guest may believe is an acceptable temperature. No refund will be given due to adverse weather conditions. NOTE: The outside temperature must be consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit in order for pool heaters to properly operate.
  • Litchfield Real Estate cannot be held responsible for the opening and closing of subdivision and community pools. Hours and rules are at the discretion of the property manager and are subject to change. No refunds are given for pool closings. In general, young children must wear swim diapers. Please check individual pool rules.