Dog Friendly Vacation Rental Policy

Pet Policy:

No pets of any kind are allowed in or on any rental property. Should an unauthorized pet be brought to a rental home, Litchfield Real Estate reserves the right to terminate the rental without refund and charge a $500 penalty fee.

Dog Friendly Rental Policy:

Several properties are designated as Dog Friendly (dogs only). Guests bringing their dog(s) to a Dog Friendly home must pay the required dog rental fee(s), remove dog hair, and abide by the rules set by the homeowner and Litchfield Real Estate as well as the laws of Georgetown County.

Number and weight limit of dogs vary by property. Puppies are NOT allowed on any rental property. Unless otherwise stipulated in the property description, Dog Friendly homes generally allow up to two adult dogs and charge a $200 rental fee for one and an additional $100 rental fee for the second.

To ensure the privilege of bringing your dogs is extended for you and future guests to enjoy, please abide by local laws and homeowner rules. We realize this is a lot of responsibility for the dog owner, so please do not bring your dog if it is not adaptable.

Guests are responsible for damage done by their pet(s). PLEASE NOTE: Neither the Accidental Damage Waiver nor the Security Deposit cover damages caused by a pet.

Pawleys Island Dog Rules

Georgetown County Law:

  • Dogs on the beach must be leashed 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. During other hours, dogs not leashed must be under voice control.
  • Dogs may not be on the beach 10 p.m. to 1 hour before sunrise, Apr 15 - Oct 31.
  • Dogs may not be on the beach 8 p.m. to 1 hour before sunrise, Nov 1 to Apr 14.
  • Pet waste must be bagged and properly disposed by pet owner.
  • No one is allowed on sand dunes, including pets.
  • Violators can be fined up to $200 or given up to 30 days in jail.

Litchfield Real Estate Dog Friendly Rental Rules & Tips:

  1. Guests can only bring their dog to stay in Dog Friendly designated homes and only with permission from Litchfield Real Estate, Inc. Dog rental fee(s) are required.
  2. Upon departure, clean up dog hair to the best of your ability. The cost of additional cleaning or laundering services due to dog hair will be billed to the Guest.
  3. Promptly bag and dispose of all dog waste from the yard during your stay and at time of departure. A $100 fee will be billed to the Guest for found dog waste.
  4. We request all dogs be on an active program for the prevention of fleas during the time of your occupancy of the property.
  5. We request all dogs be up to date on inoculations as required by state law.
  6. Bring a portable water bowl and offer refills generously to deter your dog from drinking too much salt water, which can make dogs sick and can even be fatal.
  7. Dogs are not allowed on furniture or beds. Bring your dog’s favorite blanket or bed.
  8. Provide shade for your dog during hot days to avoid overheating and sunburn.
  9. Wet animals are not allowed inside a rental home. Please wash off sand and salt water upon returning from the beach and spend time with the dog outside until dry.
  10. Bring a pet crate and use whenever you must leave your dog unattended for a period of time. Never leave your dog unattended if it barks or chews when left alone.
  11. Do not allow your dog to disrupt the peace and serenity of the community. Any complaint received by our office or by the property owner concerning your pet will result in your having to vacate the property immediately with no refund.
  12. Dogs with any history of having bitten anyone or another animal are not allowed.

PLEASE NOTE, neither the Accidental Damage Waiver nor the Security Deposit cover damages caused by a pet.