Suggestions For Handling Traffic Coming to Litchfield
Posted by admin | Monday, June 20, 2011

Recently I had the dubious honor of having to come back to the Litchfield area on a Saturday - WOW! My route took me through Aynor and Conway down 501...Those of us who live here have no idea what you guys do to just get to us and start your vacations! So, we have come up with a few tips to make it here with less congestion... * Those of you coming from the Charlotte area may want to consider coming down Interstate 77 to Columbia, getting on Interstate 26 to Charleston, and coming north on Hwy. 17. * Those of you coming from the High Point/Greensboro area have it made! That route coming on Hwy. 73/74 is amazing! Just make sure that if you are using your GPS, once you get to around Bennettsville change the route setting for the closest - not freeways. It wants to take you to Interstate 95 and that is way out of your way! * If you are coming in on Hwy. 501, take the Hwy. 544 exit just east of Conway. This gets you out of the bottleneck in Myrtle Beach. You also have an option of taking Hwy. 707 off of 544 that will avoid the congestion at the Hwy 544/Hwy 17 overpass. * The best suggestion we have - use the Litchfield Real Estate early check-in! For just $60 you can have a guaranteed 1 p.m. check-in. I was coming through Conway at about 12 noon and believe me, the traffic was going to get much, much worse! Get an early start and get checked in before the traffic becomes awful! However, this does not mean to come to the Litchfield Real Estate office prior to 3 p.m. We only guarantee early check-in for just a few properties on a first-come, first-serviced basis and all other check-ins are between 3-5. Hopefully these few suggestions will help make your trip to our beachfront paradise a little easier! Hope to see you soon!

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