Pawleys Island Rentals
Posted by admin | Monday, August 29, 2011

If you’re headed to coastal South Carolina for a late summer vacation your timing is absolutely ideal. Maybe you’re the type of person who loves the beach but hates the crowds? Perhaps you prefer to break away and be off by yourself or in small groups. Just 15 minutes south of downtown Myrtle Beach is Pawleys Island, S.C. The area is beautiful, less overrun with tourists and with low-density development. The natural environment has been preserved here. It’s a beautiful place to vacation to. Regarding place to stay, there are Pawleys Island Rentals in the area that we’d be happy to show you. Litchfield by the Sea has an on-site restaurant, Starbucks and spa. Many tourists coming to the area rent one of the many available Pawleys Island Rentals. The biggest plus is the quality of vacation you get when you visit the area. Pawleys Island has some of the best restaurants in the south plus you don't have to fight the busy crowds in the summer just to get a great meal. The beaches are also more secluded. As far as cost, vacationing in Pawleys Island is not much different that Myrtle Beach. Just like Myrtle Beach there are some off-the-beach rentals. However the area has kept a low-density policy on building so during the real estate boom the area did not have any new high-rise condominiums built oceanfront. Pawleys Island beaches have been so secluded sea turtles have chosen the white sandy beaches to lay their eggs. Many of the locals have been very protective over these sites where sea turtle nests have been commonly found in the past. While there are many reasons you should vacation in the Myrtle Beach area, the choice is clear if you want a high quality peaceful vacation, away from all of high traffic areas but close enough to enjoy endless options of fun, come to Pawleys Island, SC and take a look at our Pawleys Island rentals.

Pawleys Island Rentals Pawleys Island Rentals

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